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Eagel Tel is known for its superior inmate phone service in the industry. With updated equipments and technology, the company enables the families and inmates stay connected. Local phone service providers do not facilitate inmate calls or call collects. Phone companies charge outrageous bills for making prison calls. High phone bills are added liability to the inmate’s families. Eagel Tel understands the importance of inmate communication and requirements of the correctional facilities. The company works to deliver superior communication solution at an effective cost. It works in collaboration with multiple inmate phone system manufacturers for extended access to multiple sources. The telephone equipments operate on VOIP technology for advanced and superior quality inmate communication service.

Updated inmate phone service

Eagel Tel delivers best services utilizing updated technology. The company’s service includes

  • Collect Service

  • Direct Pay Accounts

  • Prepaid Calling Cards

  • Conventional and Web-based VOIP systems

  • Advanced Investigator Remote Monitoring

Collect Service: The service allows users to receive call collects when the inmates make calls. The recipient accepts the call collects and pays bill for the same through local phone bill.

Direct Pay Accounts: The service allows the user to directly fund the account for making calls at any point of time.

Prepay Calling Cards: With prepay service users pay in advance for making inmate calls. The prepay service allows the user to make calls as per convenience. Prepay service allows users to have more control over the calls and call budget.

Conventional and Web-based VOIP systems: Processing calls over the VOIP systems creates a centralized solution. It enables efficient management and storage of important data.

Advanced Investigator Remote Monitoring: Eagle Tel keeps in mind the security concerns of the correctional facilities. The inmate communication channel is monitored in real time to protect sensitive data and prevent vulnerabilities.

The inmate call service includes an array of features

  • Real time call records

  • Automated control of operating hours

  • Automatic limits on call duration (determined by facility)

  • Integrated call monitoring and recording

  • Bilingual voice prompt library

  • Facility specified free calls

  • Call blocking on harassing calls

  • Charges billed to called party

  • Automated rate quotes

  • Flexible call detail reporting

Eagel Tel is backed with a strong team of professional experts. The company customer care team works to assist and support its valuable customer with high quality service.

Contact Information

Contact Number: (888) 884-4889, (828) 885-7998,

Email id: sales@eagletelinc.com 

Website: http://www.eagletelinc.com/

Address: EagleTel, Inc.
P.O. Box 2342
Brevard, NC 28712

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