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*** Save money on making and receiving inmate phone calls ***

Pacific Telephone Company offers the inmates and their families with inexpensive inmate calls. The inmate’s families and friends face expensive inmate telephone bills to stay connected with their incarcerated loved ones. Local phones do not facilitate inmate calling and block the numbers to restrict inmate call collects. Prison calling are highly expensive and the families often end up with outrageous phone bills. With Pacific inmate call service, friends and families can now continue speaking with their loved ones in confinement. The company charges less for inmate calls and offers high quality phone service. Families no longer face high phone bill charges and run out of credits to speak to their imprisoned ones.

Quality service at low cost

Based on the requirement and budged concern of the inmate families, the company offers quality service all at low cost for inmate and distance calling. Cheap phone service saves the inmate call cost of the users per call. There are several benefits of utilizing the services offered by the company that covers

  • Free activation

  • Special call blast feature

  • Low call rates for distant inmate calls

  • Free call routing

  • Free call forwarding

  • Pay for the utilized minutes

  • 24 hours fixed rate

The users can start making inmate calls without any activation charges. Special call blast feature allows making simultaneous calls with 3different numbers not to miss any inmate call. The users can also make Federal Prison inmate calls and Federal prison Call all at cheap rates. Long distance calls can be covered within a low budget to stay connected with the inmates.

Various features of the service

With flexible and low cost service calls the inmate families can now continue to stay connected with the inmates at an affordable price. The wide range of features of the cheap inmate calls include

  • Free quotations
  • Sending calls to cell phones
  • Easy Enrollment
  • Zero setup fees
  • No installations
  • No contracts
  • Cheap prison calls
  • Free rollover minutes
  • High quality customer service
  • Easy payment
  • Bad Credit OK

Pacific Telephone Company is known for its high quality inmate phone service all at cheap price. The company offers international inmate calls to Asia, Europe and Latin America at cheap rates. The users can call the company customer care service at any point of time to conveniently start making inmate calls.

Contact Information

Contact Number: 866-966-8655


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Pacific Telephone Company

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