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*** Save money on making and receiving inmate phone calls ***

Save On Prison Calls offers prison calls at economical price. Local phone companies do not serve its users with inmate calls. Telephone companies charge high amount on prison calls over any other standard calls. Inmate’s families are forced to pay high call bills to speak to their incarcerated dear ones. . Save On Prison Calls offers flexible and cost effective inmate call packages. The packages are plan keeps the families connected with their incarcerated dear ones and also saves considerable money on prison calls. The company provides the users with a guaranteed local number to save money on distance prison calls.

Prison call packages

With prison call packages families can continue speaking with imprisoned loved ones at low call cost. The various features of the package include

  • Saving on prison call cost

  • Local number guaranteed

  • Competitive price plans

  • No hidden costs

  • Set of prepaid account with ease if required

  • Service with adherence to jail’s system

Uncomplicated set-up process

Save On Prison Calls creates account for the users with uncomplicated set-up process. The users are provided with a local number. The inmate then adds the provided number to the approved list in the facility. When inmates cannot purchase credits from commissary account, the users can call the phone service provider of the facility to set-up prepaid or advance pay account for new number.

Flexible and economical call plans

The company offers its users with flexible and economical plans that save considerable money on prison calls. The features of the plan include

  • No contract

  • No cancellation fees

  • No hidden fees

  • Guaranteed local number

  • Minutes based calls

  • Rollover of additional purchased minutes

  • Recurrent billing

The company has designed various plans for its users that include

  • Monthly 1000 minutes plan with every 30 days auto pay

  • Quarterly 1000 minutes plan with every 90 days auto pay

  • Yearly 1000 minutes plan with every year auto pay

  • Monthly 500 minutes plan with every year auto pay

  • Monthly 300 minutes plan with every 30 days auto pay

  • Monthly 100 minutes plan with every 30 days auto pay

Save On Prison Calls offers best customer service. The company’s online chat box can be used to get further information on various economical call packages. Company executives work with dedication and assist the users in choosing the best call packages.

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Save On Prison Calls

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